Recent publications


Exploring the links between gambling and problem debt
Sara Davies, Jamie Evans and Sharon Collard

Credit unions and gambling: A practical guide to support members
Katie Cross and Sharon Collard

Cashing in: How do cash deposits at Post Offices change when local bank branches shut?
Jamie Evans and Daniel Tischer

Mapping the poverty premium in Britain
Jamie Evans and Sara Davies

Under pressure: the financial wellbeing of households in June 2022
Jamie Evans and Sharon Collard

Facing barriers: Exploring the relationship between disability and financial wellbeing in the UK
Jamie Evans and Sharon Collard

Exploring access to cash within gambling premises in Britain
Jamie Evans and Katie Cross

Exploring alternatives to ‘safer gambling’ messages
Sara Davies, Sharon Collard, Simon McNair and Lauren Leak-Smith

Women’s experiences of gambling and gambling harm
Sharon Collard, Sara Davies and Maria Fannin


The geography of gambling premises in Britain
Jamie Evans and Katie Cross

Gambling, vulnerability and FCA compliance
Sharon Collard and Katie Cross

Open Banking for Good: Making a difference?
Sharon Collard and Jamie Evans

The financial impact of the pandemic
Sharon Collard, David Collings and Katie Cross

The inequality of poverty: exploring the link between the poverty premium and protected characteristics
Sara Davies and David Collings

University of Bristol student support surveys (2017-2021)
Sara Davies, Jamie Evans, Tony Hoare and Katie Cross

How professionalisation of outreach practitioners could improve the quality of evaluation and evidence: a proposal
Naomi Clements, Sara Davies and Anna Mountford-Zimdars